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The main plugin. Contains logic for work with events of Visual Studio and core of different actions for anything.
To support of Microsoft Build Tools (MSBuild).
To support of Microsoft Visual Studio Command-Line (devenv.exe/com).
The bridge for work with API level of main library.
The loader and helper for quick work with main library.
NuGet Package
The official package of libraries to support the CI /Build Servers.
~10 Kb. To get CI.MSBuild in one click (Compiled by GetNuTool).
GetNuTool The lightweight non-binary NuGet Client as a portable & embeddable tool for work with NuGet packages via basic MSBuild (it does not require any additional extensions).
ClientDemo Compiled ClientDemo project. As Demo of the client.vssbe.dll features. For work with events from our core library. How to use.


In the last time we are seeing a lot of errors with (such as)
As variant, you can try get all binaries from available mirrors, for example:
Unofficial All binaries. Automatic collector from

Only latest binaries and only as a single archive with all available components ~release_v...

Use pull request in any services below for your awesome improvements and patches. Or send this directly as .patch file. For complex logic(as for our lexers, analyzers etc.) please also provide a correct new unit-tests.

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Repository on
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Please note!

All binaries below can be unstable or not work at all. Use this for tests of latest changes: fixes, new features, etc.

hotfixes Latest binaries from hotfixes branch. Test
master Latest binaries from master branch. Test
develop Latest binaries from develop branch. Test
~ All branch-binaries  
The archive of public releases Open
releases branch tar.gz tar.bz2 zip
master branch tar.gz tar.bz2 zip
hotfixes branch tar.gz tar.bz2 zip
develop branch tar.gz tar.bz2 zip

Information of how to build and all requirements for this you should see on this page.

The archive of dependencies:

Minimal libraries Download