Stop build on first error

Build has been canceled

Immediately stop(at the same time) after the first appearance.

For example,

If you also used StopOnFirstBuildError before, you can see - that it not resolves important problem for big projects or/and for slow machines…

A quick example what it means:

  • If your each project in your solution requires a long time for full compilation (~5-10min average for example)…
  • Well, congratulation.. you still should wait the end of building project where error occurred(~5-10min average for example).

Why ? and Why is not exists any settings for this ? we don't know but this is so because the StopOnFirstBuildError used subscription with OnBuildProjConfigDone. However this should be 'as is'… after, when is finished building the project configuration.

It seems useful for some other case, but not for this above. So what to do for this case ?

Simply add some action for Error-Build event and configure this as you want - see below.

Immediately stop for all

for this variant you don't have to do anything, simply:

  • Select event type - "Errors-Build".
  • Add action & change "Processing mode" to Operation Mode
  • Select "Stop building" in "Operation Variants"
  • Activate event and click apply


A more flexible actions

You can also configure specific projects, configurations, specific errors and many other with available settings for this.

Also as variant you can use - MSBuild & SBE-Scripts for manual work with termination build or some additional actions before/after this.

Feel free. You can what you want and as you want

For example:

#[( $(isAllow) && $(sysc) == "break" || $(cmdc) > 10 ) {
    #[Build cancel = #[File sout("state", "-s")]