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Flexible actions for all ...

The vsSolutionBuildEvent (vsSBE) - all related projects to support the product line of MS Visual Studio & MSBuild tools.

It presents handler of most events as the Event-Catcher with variety of advanced Actions for service of your projects and libraries, the build processes and processes at runtime from Visual Studio and MSBuild Tools.

Full control and flexible multiactions for basic events and other additional, such as:

Ability to handle events for all subprojects at once in solution as Solution-Events or individually for each.

Different modes for what you want:

Supports additional MSBuild & SBE-Scripts engine for advanced usage. May work without Visual Studio and support the CI /Build Servers, Command-Line mode and a lot of features for the convenience of your work with the build, tests, versioning, IO operations, etc., ...

Works on the Event-Actions model, and is ready for anything for what you need.

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