Actions for specific configuration

For v0.9+

You can use an additional option "Actions for specific configurations" (see below) or conditional statements with SBE-Scripts core.

#[( $(Configuration) == "Debug" ){ 

also you can check only part of the name, e.g.:

#[($(Configuration) ~= "_with_revision") 
    All configuration with names:  
     * Debug_with_revision,  
     * Release_with_revision, etc. 

and similar. /See ConditionComponent for more details

For v0.8+

Actions for specific configurations has been introduced in v0.8


  • Select the event type, mode, add the any actions, and configure other available options.
  • In window Only For you can select available configuration for your solution.
  • Activate event and click apply.

As result: this should work only for selected configurations.

For version < v0.8 or for all

You can use simple call, for example:

vssbe_h.bat PRE $(Configuration)


@echo off 
REM arguments: 
    REM event type: 
    set etype=%1 
    REM configuration name: 
    set cfgname=%2 
REM ### Event handling # 
goto :Event_%etype% 
REM ### Pre-Build 
        if "%cfgname%" == "Release" ( 
            ... TODO ... 
    goto end 
REM ### Post-Build 
    goto end 
REM ### Cancel-Build 
    goto end 

and similar with MSBuild