Work with Unit-Tests & EnvDTE

This especially useful for old Visual Studio 2010 where are not exists simple settings to run tests after the build of your application etc.

Please remember: newest versions >= VS2012 contains settings for this. See How to.

What's exist for VS2010:

vsSBE provides flexible actions and also may work with EnvDTE environment. So you can simply run all tests after build, e.g.:

  • Use Operation Mode for your action.
  • Select the operation - "Run all Unit-Tests" or "Debug all Unit-Tests".
  • Optional set specific configuration, for example, only for release configurations etc.
  • Activate and click apply.

Custom DTE-Commands

You can also configure it manually with DTE-Commands:

  • Change "Processing mode" to 'Operation Mode'
  • Select 'user custom' item in operations list.
  • Write any commands separated by newline with UI helper - Settings - Tools - DTE-Commands
  • Check it with Settings - Tools - Execution DTE-Commands

Multiple mixed DTE-Commands for scripts

As variant you can use powerful and flexible control with the SBE-Scripts engine.

Therefore you can use this as you want for example:

#[($(Configuration) ~= "Release" && !$(Configuration) ~= "CI_") {
    #[DTE exec: Test.RunAllTestsInSolution]