Interpreter Mode

This is very simple action type for work with external streaming-interpreters (that allowed running code directly as command).

For this mode you should configure used interpreter:

  • Name or full path to executable file with arguments for processing your command below.
  • treat newline as option: It allows assign any combination of symbols instead of newline from your command below.
  • wrapper: Use this if also requires escaping of the same characters in your command/script.
    • If used 1 symbol, for example - ":
      • Will be escaped all this in your command/script and result should be as " + command + "
    • If used 2, for example - ():
      • Will be escaped for each individually (i.e. ( and )) and result should be as ( + command + )

For example, this useful for php:

class GArtefacts 
    /* ... */   
    public function render() 
            $db = new PDO(Factory::sqlite("positions.db")); 
            $db->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); 

            $res = $db->query("SELECT * FROM exports"); 
            while($row = $res->fetchObject()){ 
                Stripper::pack($row->dtmX, $row->dtmY, $row->dtmZ); 
        catch(Exception $ex){ 
            $this->_msg('Error: ' . $ex->getMessage()); 
$ga = new GArtefacts(); 

Then you can use any command script as above.


  • You can also enable MSBuild & SBE-Scripts engines for construct your script at runtime before executing.


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Time limit

How long to wait the exection, in seconds. 0 value - infinitely

This option should terminate execution of this action for selected time.