SBE-Scripts. Available Components

BoxComponent Container of data for operations like a template, repeating, etc.
BuildComponent Managing of build process at runtime. And similar operations for projects and solution.
CommentComponent The comments for scripts.
ConditionComponent Conditional statements for scripts.
DTEComponent For work with EnvDTE.
FileComponent I/O File operations.
FunctionComponent Mixed supported functions.
InternalComponent All internal operations with vsSBE.
MSBuildComponent Advanced evaluation with MSBuild engine.
NuGetComponent Support of NuGet packages.
OWPComponent Works with OWP and similar operations.
SevenZipComponent 7-Zip File archiver with high compression ratio.
TryComponent Protects from errors in try{...} block and handles it in catch{...}
UserVariableComponent Support of dynamic variables via User-Variables core.