vsSolutionBuildEvent API

vsSolutionBuildEvent also provides the API level. This can be used with any external application for work with events/actions.

For example, this is already implemented in our products as part of vsSolutionBuildEvent project:

Where to begin

Scheme of vsSolutionBuildEvent projects:

Scheme of vsSolutionBuildEvent projects


You can use Bridge for accessing to our products.

This contains specification of all available features from the vsSolutionBuildEvent and any other specifications of available operations with library, for example:


Contains loader of the vsSolutionBuildEvent core and any other methods for rapid accessing and services. Use this for a quick implementation of the basic logic.


The client.vssbe.dll it's optional variant for work with events from our core library.

Use our ClientDemo project as Template project for this features.

How to

Create client.vssbe.dll

  • Add our Bridge in References
  • Firstly, you should implement the IEntryPointClient as you want.
  • Provide a correct IEvent2 & IBuild objects.
  • Then build and place your client.vssbe.dll in directory with vsSolutionBuildEvent.dll (Settings - Plugin - Open directory with plugin)

Feel free…


For a quick testing of work see ClientDemo project as basic sample.