It will be triggered when solution has been opened.

This especially useful for definition of new properties at runtime for your solution (to solve problems like this).

For the same or similar case it can be is really easy for this event type:

  • Add action for Sln-Opened event.
  • Enable MSBuild support.
  • Define what you need:
$(+ProjectName = 'MyUnifiedName')
  • Activate event and click [Apply]



[ v0.12.8+ ]

The new version provides additional contexts of Sln-Opened events.

What does it mean ?

Working in Visual Studio IDE you may have the following cases:

  • When you need to do something Before initializing projects, for example:
    • to get (if it's not yet) git submodules when you open .sln etc.
  • When you need to do something only if all projects are loaded (that should be) in IDE, for example:
    • Like above, to redefine the MSBuild properties ProjectName etc. for specific projects.

How to ?

To support Early / Late Sln-Opened you should configure context:

  • Select event Sln-Opened
  • Settings - Control - Context:
    • Before - Your action should be executed only Before initializing projects.
    • After - Your action should be executed only When all projects are opened in IDE.
    • Before & After - Your action should be executed Before initializing projects and When all projects are opened.


  • By default v0.12.8 uses Before context for Sln-Opened in Visual Studio IDE.
  • Other products without Visual Studio (API -> CI) may use other behavior:
    • CI.MSBuild uses common context, so it's not important Before/After like above.